Frequently Questions

1. Can I use the same login for both Coupon Zone and Store Zone of Indiawalls?

We’re sorry, Currently we do not have that feature. you have to register separately for Coupon Zone and Store Zone but you can use the same email account and mobile number for communication. 

2. I want to change the email address on my account, how do I do this?

We’re sorry, Currently we do not have a feature to change the email id on your Indiawalls account. If you have signed up using an incorrect email address, you can sign up again using your correct email address.

3. There was a Coupon offer I saw but it no longer exists on the site. How can I get it?

In some cases, the offers advertised on our site by the store are only valid for a limited duration or until promotion lasts. When the offer reaches its expiration date, we automatically remove it from our Website and Apps. This is done to ensure that you have a great all around experience and do not attempt to use offers which no longer work.